The Hutson Ranch offers the best equestrian business operation opportunities in all of North Florida. The Ranch is proximate to the heart of Florida’s horse-country, being only 60 miles from Ocala. The regional connections are superb – given the adjacency of Interstate 95 and the east-west corridors between Ocala and Palatka/Daytona.

Both the Northwest and Southwest Quadrants of the Hutson Ranch can accommodate extensive breeding and raising operations. Both quadrants have fenced paddocks and stable barns. Pastures have been built on firm, well-drained, high ground. There are miles of riding trails featuring a lakeside loop with an equestrian bridge over the water.

In the past, Mr. Hutson had re-located his equestrian interests from Ocala onto the Hutson Ranch and began developing the ranchland to support both recreational and business interests. The existing stables, barns, tack house and fenced paddocks are all immediately serviceable. The past land management and stewardship activities enable a fast expansion of equestrian infrastructure.

As a center for horse ranching, there are 2,650 acres in the Northwest Quadrant and 1,732 acres in the Southwest Quadrant – making for over 4,000 acres of quality ranchland. Currently there are about 335 acres of improved pasture and fenced horse paddocks. A large portion of the forested land is in pine plantation – so expansion for fields and pasture can be done without any environmental impacts. All of the upland lands on Hutson Ranch are characterized by well-drained, good soils. Much of the pasture and paddock lands around the main lake are rolling terrain, similar to the lands around Ocala. Additionally, there are numerous high-quality lakes throughout the property, as well as copious amounts of tree shade.

Given the size, scope and location of the Hutson Ranch, it could easily become the center for a viable and profitable equestrian-based resort and residential development. Many of the equestrian-themed residential developments are limited by their land size and do not offer an “open-range” type of environment. The Hutson Ranch could become a premier horse-community, unrivaled in the sector.

Properties perfect for Equestrian:

Northwest Quadrant

Price: $28,900,000
Lot Size: 2,755 acres
Listing ID: 806410


Southwest Quadrant

Price: $16,200,000
Lot Size: 1,732 acres
Listing ID: 806397