There is a rich and prosperous legacy of cattle ranching in Florida and in St. Johns County. At one time, the Hutson Ranch was home to a 3,000 head beef herd. Today, a local Beef Master has a herd of genuine Florida Cracker Cows and other cattle ranging the land under a cooperative lease arrangement.

Incidentally, Florida Cracker Cattle descend from the cattle first brought to Florida in the 1500’s by the Spanish. They are also relatives of the Texas Longhorn cattle and what are generally referred to as criollo cattle in various parts of Latin America. In Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi the “Piney Woods” Cattle are thought to be descendants as well. The colorations and spotting patterns of Cracker Cows are quite varied and beautiful. Since the 1970’s there has been an organized effort to preserve the remaining Florida Cracker Cattle in an official manner.

Large tracts of the Hutson Ranch offer superb grazing lands. The land is predominantly high and dry with good underlying soil profiles. The pastures offer thick and lush forage. The lakes, coupled with the extensive amount of tree canopy shade, create a perfect ranch environment for raising vibrant and healthy stock.

The Ranch has a series of fenced compounds with automatic gates affording easy access from pasture to pasture. Even the pine stands on the Ranch afford livestock foraging since they have been maintained with a clear understory.

Currently, there are about 335 acres of improved, open pasture lands. The extensive system of trail roads and paths enable a wide-ranging forage opportunity between pastures. In the Northwest Quadrant, the central 50 acre lake is surrounded by rolling terrain and open pastureland – perfect for grazing herds.

Properties perfect for Ranching:

Northwest Quadrant

Price: $28,900,000
Lot Size: 2,755 acres
Listing ID: 806410


Southwest Quadrant

Price: $16,200,000
Lot Size: 1,732 acres
Listing ID: 806397


Northeast Quadrant

Price: $10,100,000
Lot Size: 2,468 acres
Listing ID: 806420