Residential Development

Ten years ago, St. Johns County was the fastest growing county in the State of Florida and a top-ten county in the nation. The county has award-winning, blue-ribbon schools which dominate the top rank in Florida. There are many state-of-the-art medical institutions and hospital facilities, including one of only three Mayo Clinics in the country. Businesses continue to expand and grow, like the recently expanded Northrop-Grumman complex in St. Augustine. Tourism leads the way with visitors coming for the pristine beaches, clean rivers and streams, the outdoor environment and the nation’s oldest city.

St. Johns County is unique in that it attracts many relocation families from the mid-west, mid-Atlantic and northeastern communities as well from the southeast and move-ups from southern and central Florida. There has been a diversity of people who have made a home here – from all parts of the country and from all walks of life. All ages prevail, since the county caters to a broad range, not specifically any one interest or age group.

Post-recession, St. Johns County enjoyed one of the healthiest and most robust recoveries in the real estate sectors. Good growth continues with national and regional builders finding tremendous success. Land prices and values have strengthened and have returned close to the halcyon days of the early 2000’s. By most measures and expectations, St. Johns County is destined to continue on a path of sensible and smart growth.

In that regard, the Hutson Ranch is strategically located between the nationally-renowned Palm Coast development and St. Augustine. It is easily accessible via Interstate 95, State Road 206 and State Road 207. Long term speculations point towards a future outer-outer beltway to link the Ranch property from the Interstate, west across the St. Johns River into Putnam County and then north into Clay County to connect to the First Coast Expressway (currently under construction in some segments).

The Ranch features many improvements that enhance its inherent development opportunities. It has an 11,000 square foot, two-story vintage manor house, perfect for repurposing into a clubhouse. The pole-supported lake house can be duplicated around the 50 acre lake as a sort of camp-retreat zone. Road, trail and drainage improvements have been made throughout the +- 8,427 acres. The Ranch has a pair of 2,600 linear foot east/west and north/south grassed airstrips.

Importantly, and advantageously, over 78% of the land assemblage is uplands. The small amount of wetlands have very clear and crisp boundaries, easily identified for jurisdictional purposes. The forest canopy is both pine plantation and mixed-deciduous hardwoods. The most interesting components are the barrier island-like Southern Live Oak hammocks and the naturally-shaped lakes and water bodies.

Although regional infrastructure of waste-water and potable-water facilities and main trunk lines remain to be extended, the Ranch is situated on a path of growth along the recently 4-laned and divided State Road 207 corridor from St. Augustine to Palatka.

Based on the success of local and regional developments like Sawgrass, the World Golf Village, Nocatee, the County Road 210 Communities, Oakleaf Plantation, Palm Coast and The Villages, Hutson Ranch is an opportunity like no other. The scale and features of the Ranch offer a foundation for any type of themed or styled development, such as retirement, fly-in, sustainable, recreational, equestrian, primary-home, second-home or weekend retreat. The Ranch’s beautiful blend of natural environment, open and forested areas, infrastructure and amenity improvements, all under an expansive blue sky, create a prototype development opportunity for community design.

Properties perfect for Redsidential Development:

Northwest Quadrant

Price: $28,900,000
Lot Size: 2,755 acres
Listing ID: 806410


Southwest Quadrant

Price: $16,200,000
Lot Size: 1,732 acres
Listing ID: 806397